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This hotel is centrally located in a must-see location in Madrid, with terrace views of the city centre while staying in the north of Madrid.

The Centro borders the Royal Palace and the Cathedral, and its northern border is Madrid's main shopping street lined with fashion boutiques. To the north, it is separated from the Barrios Malasana and Chueca by a main shopping street, Gran Via. The Royal Palace is marked on the western border of the Centro, and there are several other hotels in the area, such as the Plaza de Mayo, the Palace of Madrid and the Palace of the Republic.

Accommodation ranges from 5-star hotels to budget accommodation, all within walking distance. The Puerta del Sol is within walking distance if you choose Sol as your residence, but also within an hour's drive from the centre of Madrid.

Although it is a perfectly clean and decent place, it is less convenient to award one or two stars, and although it is a standard five-star residence compared to the Westin Palace Orfila, it is at the top of this category with its top class.

Many excellent tapas bars line up on Calle Cava Baja, and select, quieter hotels offer a wide range of restaurants and bars, such as La Latina Bebe, La Boca, El Puebla and La Pilar. Nowadays there are many independent boutiques to discover, many of them in the mostly pedestrian street Calle Fuencarral. It is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations of the city, with many restaurants, bars and cafes.

If you enjoy good food and flea markets, you will spend most of your time in Madrid in La Latina. One of the best places to dine in Madrid and its surroundings are the narrow streets with many hip restaurants and cafés. They range from gourmet markets to a wide selection of bars and restaurants, and you can escape every evening for a night out.

Best Western behaves in three types of properties: regular, Premier and Best Western hashed. All hotels offer free high-speed Internet as a standard benefit and you get free Wifi when you join an SPG Hotels membership. Free Wi-Fi is guaranteed at the Sheraton, Westin, Marriott and other hotels.

Don't forget the great views of the city as you walk from the hotel to the top of the Way of Saint James. Nevertheless, it is best to explore on foot and walk in the heart of Madrid with the best views of Spain and the most beautiful landscape in Europe.

If you want to stay at the Centro Retiro and enjoy the museums or visit the public places in the heart of the city, you can stay at one of these hotels, such as the Plaza de Mayo or the Hotel de la Paz. However, there are plenty of accommodations to suit all budgets, whether you are staying in a hotel of your choice or in another hotel in Madrid or even in other parts of Spain.

The hotels in Madrid are conveniently located where guests have access to a wide range of amenities such as restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels.

As you prepare for your trip, deciding which sights to see is the most important factor in deciding where to stay in Madrid and how to spend it. Madrid is a very well-located city within walking distance and as it is not the best area for nightlife, it helps you to get closer to the destination you want to visit and see as much as possible. Instead, several neighborhoods are vying to attract the city's revelers. If you have 24 hours of Madrid per week, think about how you will spend it, how you will then explore some of your most popular neighborhoods and neighborhoods.

The two popular and noisy areas are downplayed as bargain hunters will find plenty to choose from, but the largest concentration of hotels is in one of the most outstanding accommodation in Madrid, the city centre.

Near the Retiro Park and the Art Museum and around the historic centre, you will find many of Madrid's best hotels. Moncloa, Arguelles and Plaza de Espana are the main metro stations in the area, but there are attractions in and around Centro and Retro that are just a few stops from the metro. Salamanca is not the only city in Spain with a large number of hotels in the city centre. So take the various metro lines and get to one of the most popular attractions, the Museo de los Deportes, in time. With its main attractions just a short metro ride away, it is a great place to stay in Madrid, even if you are not from Salamancia.

If you go to Madrid, most hotels and most police will allow you to park in their car park while you unload your luggage. One of the best options is Melia Barajas Av, but you can also find it in other parts of Madrid if you stay there overnight.

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