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The World Olive Oil Exhibition is the largest international trade fair dedicated exclusively to the olive oil sector, taking place on Friday 17 January in Madrid, Spain. For 25 years we have been organising the largest exhibition and commercial event dedicated to this classic engine segment in Spain, the World Motor Show.

Rock concerts and flamenco shows take place in Dos de Mayo Square in Malasana, where the rebellion began. The festival attracts some of Spain's best flamanco artists and in recent years has also held performances in Barcelona, Madrid, Barcelona and other major cities in Spain. An estimated 2 million people come to participate in this festival every year, the largest of its kind in Europe, with a total of over 1.5 million visitors.

The procession of the Semana Santa can be followed in many cities in Spain, but Seville and Malaga are home to the most famous. The procession has been taking place in Spain for centuries and looks today about the same as it did hundreds of years ago. Puerta del Sol is one of the liveliest squares in Madrid, as it is one of the most important public squares in the city, bordered by the Paseo de la Republique and Plaza de Mayo.

Spanish and international artists alike are taking part in the cultural programme, and the prestigious event will take place in some of the capital's most important theatres, including Paseo de la Republique and Plaza de Mayo, as well as the Royal Opera House, the National Theatre of Spain and several other venues.

In fact, summer in Spain begins with an interesting festival called the Haro Wine Festival, which is one of the famous Spanish festivals. Spanish cuisine is the focal point of Galicia, and festivals and celebrations vary from city to city, with fireworks in Barcelona and Valencia being a highlight.

Haro is located in the province of La Rioja and is a small town in northern Spain that hosts one of the best festivals in Spain.

After the end of the Franco dictatorship, the so-called Movida Madrilena, a hedonistic cultural movement that celebrated all that is shrill and modern, began to emerge in Madrid. The rise of this city began when Philip II transferred the royal court to Madrid at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

Madrid is more original and more, it is ready to celebrate, and even today more than ever. The annual highlight of queer events in Madrid is the annual Pride Parade, a celebration of all queer things in the city of Madrid.

The Festival of Jazz in Madrid is usually held in November and December and includes jazz-related activities and a variety of music and dance performances, as well as a wide selection of food and drinks. The festival site is located in the river basin of Madrid and the programme is presented at various locations in the city, which are referred to as "Summer binges in Spain" or "Binge Madrid."

Besides visiting Fallas on the way, there are spectacular fireworks throughout the day. Add to that the bullfight festival in Spain, and you have the most typical Spanish event right now: an exciting bullfight. Don't miss this most exciting festival in Spain, it is one of the best in the world and worth a visit.

Madrid is a great city in any season, so you don't have to plan your visit according to a particular festival. I flew to Madrid in the summer and wanted to visit a few of them, but I am sending you this list of the best music festivals in Madrid and the best I needed to complete them. If music is what takes you to the top and Spain is where you always dreamed of being, then make sure you go to Spain in July and enjoy some of these Spanish music festivals!

Although many of the country's smaller cities hold their own festivities, the festivities in Madrid are the most elaborate. Puerta del Sol has become Madrid's equivalent of Trafalgar Square in London when it comes to celebrating the arrival of the New Year.

The city centre is dressed up for entertainment and the festival brings giant and colourful figures onto the streets while the party takes place. You don't have to travel to Spain to be entertained, but taking part in this extravaganza is one of the best activities in Spain. The horse fair in Jerez focuses on this when it comes to horses.

Madrid is the kind of city where you can find beautiful buildings, parks and sights on every corner. Madrid is one of the greenest capitals in Europe, with beautiful parks that make it relaxing and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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