Madrid, Spain

                                                     HELLO MADRID

The capital city of Spain, Madrid is known for its beautiful parks and European art works. Madrid mostly has modern infrastructure but still you can see the effect of its historical neighborhoods. You can also find the remains of Carpetani and Roman settlements in Madrid. It is one of the most visited cities of Spain.

Places to Visit-

  • Plaza Mayor- Built during Philip III reign, it was designated as world heritage site in 1985.
  • Puerta del Sol- It is a public square with a statue of King Carlos III and is the busiest place in the city.
  • Parque del Buen Retiro- It is a beautiful public Park where you can enjoy boating and the lush Green garden.
  • Royal Palace of Madrid- It is the official residence of the Royal family of Spain, built in 18th century.
  • Museo Nacional Del Prado- It is the National art Museum of Spain having collections from 12th century onwards.
  • Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia- This museum was inaugurated in 1992 and has beautiful art works of the 20th century
  • Temple of Deboh- It is an ancient Egyptian temple with beautiful views and Greenery all around.
  • Almudena Cathedral

What to eat?

Madrid has numerous mind blowing Restaurants with delicious food served everywhere. Some of the must try are-

  • Cocido Madrileno- It is the traditional Spanish dish made from stewed Pork.
  • Bocadillo de Calamares- Mouthwatering sandwich of Madrid made from fried rings of Squid.
  • Callos a la Madrilena- Made from Beef tripe, chunks of chorozo and slices of Morcilla, it is a stew like dish mostly served in winters
  • Churros con Chocolate- It is a chocolate snack usually served after dinner and even eaten in Breakfast.

Madrid is a beautiful city of Spain and also the most visited city. This city should definitely be in your list.